Welcome to ecancermedicalscience, the open access cancer journal founded by the European Institute of Oncology in Milan. With Open Access publishing a reality and an urgent need for improved cancer communications, ecancermedicalscience fits the 21st century bill for a cancer journal. We see the future as free; free to publish, free to read and free to comment.

Thanks to online, multimedia technology and a community poised to podcast and blog – ecancermedicalscience offers a multimedia and multidisciplinary approach to cancer.

Our Mission
European cancer research is of a very high quality but is fragmented, un-coordinated and slow in translating benefits to patients. Cancer care delivery is also excellent in some European countries but by no means all. If state of the art treatment was available to all cancer patients, the World Health Organisation has estimated that over 20,000 lives would be saved annually.

ecancermedicalscience aims to improve communications between sub-specialised cancer scientists and clinicians by working interactively and faster – offering authors a rapid peer review process. Submit your paper and you’ll hear if it will be published within three weeks.

ecancermedicalscience actively encourages the communities of sub-specialised scientists and cancer carers to exchange ideas and research, speeding up the time it takes from discovery, to patient benefit.

The facts
ecancermedicalscience (ISSN 1754-6605) is an independent online journal, publishing research articles after full peer review. All articles are published online immediately upon acceptance. The journal is published by Cancer Intelligence Ltd, Westpoint, 78 Queens Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1QU.

ecancermedicalscience is editorially independent of the European Institute of Oncology.

Professor Umberto Veronesi is the Founding Editor of ecancermedicalscience. Professor Gordon McVie is Managing Editor of ecancermedicalscience.

The Sponsors
ecancermedicalscience, founded by the European Institute of Oncology, is proud to acknowledge The European CanCer Organisation as its educational and scientific partner.

The Umberto Veronesi Foundation, the European Institute of Oncology Foundation and Swiss Bridge are the key founding charities of the journal.

The editorial board
Professor Claudio Basilico – Basic Science
Professor Peter Boyle – Epidemiology and Public Health
Professor Pier Paolo Di Fiore – Basic Science
Professor Aaron Goldhirsch – Medicine
Professor Roberto Orecchia – Radiotherapy
Professor Pier Giuseppe Pelicci – Translational
Professor Umberto Veronesi – Surgery
Professor Giuseppe Viale – Pathology
Professor Alexander Eggermont – ECCO President

ecancermedicalscience is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on all aspects of research relating to cancer, including molecular biology, genetics, pathophysiology, epidemiology, clinical reports, controlled trials and cancer policy. ecancermedicalscience also publishes case reports.

Criteria for publication
Publication of research articles by ecancermedicalscience is dependent primarily on their validity and coherence, as judged by a peer reviewer. The reviewer is asked how remarkable they consider the article to be. ecancermedicalscience is interested in publishing; innovative studies testing new hypotheses; policy research papers that challenge conventional thinking and case studies that address new and interesting ways of working.

Speed of publication
ecancermedicalscience offers fast publication whilst maintaining rigorous peer review; all articles must be submitted online, and peer review is managed electronically. A web version, and accompanying PDF, will be published within a few days of acceptance.

As an online-only journal, ecancermedicalscience gives authors the opportunity to publish large datasets, large numbers of illustrations and moving pictures and the opportunity to include all relevant links (for example, to sequence and other databases, and to other papers), that improve the readers experience.

ecancermedicalscience does not charge for processing or publishing articles. All costs are covered by advertising, sponsorship and grants.

Submission of manuscripts
Manuscripts must be submitted to ecancermedicalscience electronically using the online manuscript submission process. Full details of how to submit a manuscript are given in the instructions for authors.

Indexing and archiving
Following publication in ecancermedicalscience, the full text of each article will be permanently archived within ecancermedicalscience

Impact factor
As a new journal ecancermedicalscience is not yet eligible for an impact factor rating. After year one, ecancermedicalscience will calculate an unofficial impact factor based on the same data and methodology that Thompson Scientific use for their official calculations.

ecancermedicalscience we will also publish the number of visitors the website receives.

Authors will be asked to sign an exclusive license agreement which states that anyone is free:

to copy, distribute, and display the work;
to make derivative works;
Under the following conditions: Attribution

the original author must be given credit;
for any re-use or distribution, it must be made clear to others what the license terms of this work are;
any of these conditions can be waived if the authors give permission.
Statutory fair use and other rights are in no way affected by the above.

Only Cancer Intelligence can make commercial use of the work

Open access
Our Open Access ethos is defined by the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) 14th February 2002. The statement aims to accelerate progress in the international effort to make research articles in all academic fields freely available on the internet. ecancermedicalscience is free to publish and free to read.

ecancermedicalscience encourages authors to post a copy of the article as accepted for publication after peer-review: on the author’s own website, the author’s institutional repository, or the author’s funding body’s archive – immediately after publication in ecancermedicalscience.

Citing papers in the journal
Articles in ecancermedicalscience should be cited in the same way as articles in a traditional journal, with one exception. Articles in this journal are not printed, they do not have page numbers. Instead, they have a Unique Article Number.

The following citation:

ecancermedicalscience 2007, 1:2

refers to article 2 from volume 1 of the journal.

As an online journal, ecancermedicalscience does not have issue numbers. Each volume corresponds to a calendar year.

Contacting ecancermedicalscience
Queries about content, submissions, or the review process should be directed to editor@ecancermedicalscience.com. All other enquiries should be directed to info@ecancermedicalscience.com