Ever wonder about those performance pills? I do. Or I used to anyway. You know the ones you hear about on the radio or on tv… or yeah read about on the internet.

Are they real?

Do they work?

How discreet is discreet?

What else will they do to me?

Look I’m not John Holmes, but I’m not John Bobbit either. I’m somewhere in between. I’d heard about all these pills offering a ‘bigger’ and ‘better’ experience. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but I’ve still got my balls, and right now I’m using them more than ever. I bit the bullet, chewed it actually, and now I’m ‘spitting’ harder, longer, and much more frequently.

So far Bluechew has worked great for me.

What is Bluechew

To start, Bluechew is actually a service that offers your ‘member’ some great experiences. Of course they have products as well, but they provide so much more than a little blue pill.

Before you can begin using their products you must first fill out a questionnaire. It’s short and sweet so don’t fret. But your answers will be looked over by a doctor assigned to you specifically. They will then make a recommendation as to which product fits your lifestyle and needs.

From that consultation, you’ll receive some recommendations. Essentially it comes down to two different chewable tablets. Both tablets contain active ingredients that have been well researched over the past few decades. They are both safe and boast a success rate higher than 80%. So the question really comes down to your use and the length… of time you want the effects to last. We’ll look at other ‘lengths’ in just a moment.

The first possibility is Sildenafil which is the active ingredient found in Viagra (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sildenafil). It lasts 4-6 hours and has two monthly plan options. It’s great for on-demand erections, like those times when you are fairly well certain there’s going to be action in the next few hours.

The other option is Tadalafil the active ingredient used in Cialis (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tadalafil). This tablet can last from 24-36 hours. This allows you to be ready whenever your partner is ready. Or for those times where you’re not quite sure what you’ll get into over the weekend.

Review of How Bluechew Worked for Me

To be honest, I can’t say that I have any sort of routine erectile dysfunction, but yeah it’s happened to me for sure. And it was embarrassing and disappointing for everyone involved.

I’m in my mid-40s which could contribute to those nights of misfortune. Or maybe I’d had one too many drinks to maintain optimal performance. But whatever the cause I didn’t want another similar experience.

I saw my doctor and all my plumbing checked out just fine. So I decided to give Bluechew a shot.

My Experience

Wow! I went to the site and took the brief survey and within a few weeks, I was all set with the Sildenafil Busy plan. It consists of 10 chewable 30mg tablets of Sildenafil.

The Shipping

The shipping package was definitely discrete. It shipped first class in a brown package from ‘Custom Medical Group.’ Inside was a nicely packaged resealable foil pouch filled with individual packets of tablets.

I had already been planning a date for the weekend. To my delight, my Bluechew showed up on Wednesday.

Some states do offer home delivery which I would imagine decrease the waiting time. I don’t live in one of those states, but I’d imagine the local service is just as discrete.

The Set-Up

I had been with this woman a few times previously and thankfully had always performed, though not like I could in my younger years. Plus she was in her late 20s and whether or not she was comparing me to her other partners I knew that I was.

She hadn’t been disappointed obviously since this was becoming a routine for us, but I wanted to be better and knew that I could be. We went to dinner and then on to a sailing expo.

The Bluechew Tablet’s Taste

It was all going well so just before we left I snuck off to the bathroom and took my Bluechew. The taste was not off-putting and the texture was okay. It was similar to a chewable vitamin. I had a bottle of water with me and that was helpful to be sure that I got all the possible potency.

We drove back to my apartment and she came up. I was already ‘up’ and it had been just under 30 mins.

The Trifecta

We kissed upon entering. She said, ‘What’s going on here?’ and reached for my pants. This was always her ‘green light’ but I’m sure she felt me as we embraced.

Upstairs was pretty magnificent. I’d give myself a solid 9 out of 10. And I think she would as well.

Mentally I just had confidence that I could perform well. Women are tuned to know that, I’ve read. Bluechew helps me with that confidence for sure.

And as for actual performance, well, we went three times that night. A gentleman doesn’t give details, at least not online, but I haven’t made it three times in a night for quite a few years.

She was not disappointed either. In fact, we went a fourth time the next morning, though I’d like to take full credit for that as my little blue friend had worn off by then. But my confidence remained because of the night before.

We see each other regularly, but she has now become the one to make those late-night calls. And thanks to Bluechew I can be ‘at attention’ by the time she arrives.

Is it Safe?

Look, it’s exactly like the commercials say…

Be sure to check with your doctor… Duh, you should always do that before taking any medication.

Be sure that you are fit for physical activity… Sex can burn anywhere from 70-100 calories in typically less than 20 minutes including foreplay, and there should be foreplay (https://time.com/4891579/how-many-calories-does-sex-burn/).

Be sure to contact your doctor if you have an erection lasting longer than four hours… That’s a problem gents and you do need to call someone if that happens to you.

Both medications were designed to increase blood flow related to cardiovascular concerns. The erectile functions were only discovered during that process. So you should definitely use some caution if you have any sort of heart issues.

Will it make me bigger?

In short, no, but your partner might think so. Bluechew is a services that provides chewable tablets that increase blood flow to your member. More blood flow may make you harder and that might feel bigger but it is not going to add any actual length or girth to your soldier.

It will, however, give you a confidence boost that is immeasurable. And your partners pleasure will increase as well. So the legend may grow, but the man will stay the same size.

Can I trust the Bluechew company, Is it Legit?

In the few months I’ve been using them I have zero concern about their professionalism. They’ve got a secure site and the physicians are legitimate. I feel like they take all the necessary precautions and then some.

I don’t get unsolicited emails. And all of my interactions with them have been completely professional. So yes, for me, you can trust the Bluechew company. They are legit!

But what about side effects?

As with any medication, there is some potential for side effects. The most common with these medications are flushing, headache, upset stomach, heartburn, runny nose, and muscle or back pain.

I can only tell you about my experience and I did have some minor heartburn. It was nothing serious, and my benefits far outweighed the heartburn. But you need to make the decision for yourself and be smart about it. Your overall health is obviously more important than your performance in the bedroom.

People respond differently to all types of medications, so you should also be self-aware as you start to use Bluechew. And, as already mentioned, consult your physician before you start using Bluechew.

If you have any concerns once you begin using Bluechew you should take action immediately.

Bluechew Free Trial

There have been free trials of Bluechew using the promo code – SURVEY. Not sure whether it still works or not but it’s worth a shot. I paid just $5 for my first month’s subscription. It works with all four possible plans.

You do have to provide shipping and billing information when you sign up. And you will need to cancel the subscription before it renews, otherwise, you will be billed for the second month at the normal price for your chosen subscription.  This site’s bluechew review had a different coupon available too.

Final Bluechew Review Verdict

Only you can decide. It has been a great experience for me. I look forward to my package each month. Be smart and use some sense about your health and lifestyle and Bluechew will help you keep both heads in the game.