Cancer is one of the very dangerous ailments, but thanks to medical advancements, which has many treatments. Though the disease is considered fatal, their symptoms can be noticed before the deadly disease takes life. However, providing proper treatments before the tumor starts to spread and grow can help in eradicating them forever. The lifestyle changes that we do today are the major reasons for getting this disease. Although there are other factors like genetics and bad diet that causes cancer. In this post, you can take a look at the common cancer symptoms and signs in men and women.

Symptoms Of Cancer You Should Be Aware Of

The cancer growth mostly shows symptoms in both men and women. This helps us to know something is wrong and take medications or treatments for better results. Also, it prevents one from crossing the stages of cancer where the treatments can be deadly. If any of the following symptoms are observed, it is necessary to take action and start your treatments.


  • Change In Bowel Movements: The changes in bowel habits can be due to the diet intake and fluid retention in your body. Even after changing the diet and fluid intake after a few days does not help, then you should consult your doctor. The thin stools like a pencil can be an alarming symptom of colon cancer. Also, consistent diarrhea is a major symptom of cancer-related ailments. Therefore, any repeated pattern in bowel changes must be noticed and taken action immediately.
  • Anemia: The condition where the blood count cells drop below the specific level is called anemia. This condition should always be investigated and monitored whether the count decreases even after providing blood count.
  • Testicle Lumps: In men, the lumps in testicles are 90% painless and unnoticed. This is the major reason that this is left unobserved which can lead to severe growth. Symptoms like enlarged testicles, swollen veins, and lumps must be noticed for examinations. It is recommended to take tests if any lump is found.
  • Breast Discharge: Most breast lumps in women are harmless and the cause of breast tumors is unknown. Though genetic factors play an important role, even young girls and women get affected. It is advised to take a breast scan every once a year especially by a woman more than 35 years of age. In addition to a mammogram, the patient is expected to take an MRI of the breast for clear and accurate results.


  • Blood in Urine: The symptoms like frequent urination, slow flow, a small amount of flow, and change in bladder function must be checked with the doctors. This is because the prostate glands can be enlarged when aging in both men and women. If left unnoticed, it can lead to prostate cancer. Any blood in the urine must be addressed immediately for treatments and surgeries.

These are the common cancer symptoms and signs in men and women for which immediate treatments must be done.