Anavar (Oxandrolone): Getting the beach body

Anavar has always been the go-to steroid for dry, lean gains.

No messy water retention like testosterone. No bloat or moon face like Dianabol.

If you are looking to get peeled, this is one of your best bets.

But, just like any other anabolic compound, using Anavar is not devoid of some risks and pitfalls.

If you aren’t careful, you can mess up even a simple Anavar cycle and get mediocre results.

Why there are people who have used Anavar and ended up with gyno, something that’s considered impossible by most experts.

Nah, we arent looking to scare you. We just want to ensure that you do everything right and get that perfect, chiselled beach body by summertime.

If you were contemplating using Anavar, then this brief guide explains everything that you need to know.

Anavar’s steroid structure

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Oxandrolone, Oxandrin, Anavar, Var, all these names represent one of the most popular oral anabolic steroids of all times.

Oral, because these are available in the form of pills. Easy to take and can be as discreet as you want them to be.

You won’t be caught with a vial of oily liquid and a boatload of injections in your closet.

Anavar is a DHT (dihydrotestosterone) derivative.

All anabolic steroids are derived either from Testosterone or from DHT.

The DHT ones are favoured by some athletes over Testosterone derivatives, because these seem to have a stronger affinity towards androgen receptors. In other words, these can help you build more muscle, or so it is believed.

The DHT hormone is structurally modified by swapping a carbon atom with an oxygen one.

This makes it highly anabolic. Then, a methyl group is added to the 17th Carbon position which allows you to use it in an oral form, without being destroyed by your stomach acids.

Sounds like fun?

That’s where some of the potential problems arise.

What is the right dosage for Anavar?

That depends on so many variables. Have you ever used Anavar before?

What are the goals from your steroid cycle? What other compounds are you using?

Are you a male or a female?

Let’s look at each of those variables closely.

If you are a male and have used Anavar before, then you can start with a 50mg/day dose.

If you are female and have used Anavar at 10mg/day with no problems, you can either continue with that dose or bump it up slightly. 15mg/day should be more than enough.

So should 20mg/day. But we always recommend that you err on the side of caution while using Anabolics.

It’s not a sprint. It’s a marathon. Go slow.

Your goals from the steroid cycle: Well, most people use Anavar to preserve muscle during a cut. That’s where it shines. It’s not a massive muscle building compound. Again the 50mg/day dose works best for this purpose.

If you are using it with Testosterone, which should be the case, you can use 50mg with no problems.

Should work beautifully in synergy.

But if you are using a multitude of compounds, like Test and Dbol and Winstrol, then we’d lower that dose to say 25mg/day.

What does Anavar do?

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Anavar is one of the most unique DHT-based steroids that has all the classic traits of DHT.

Yet, it works in a very different manner as compared to most other similar compounds.

It increases the production of RBC, boosts nitrogen retention and increases protein synthesis.

This will lead to an increase in lean muscle mass. But you won’t gain a truckload of muscle. There will be very little water retention. It’s not puffy, wet muscle.

Instead, you will make lean, dry muscle gains that can be retained very easily if you have your diet and lifts sorted.

The trait that makes Anavar so popular among men and women though is the fat burn. It will amplify the rate at which your body burns fat, leaning you out at the mid-section.  

If you begin the Anavar cycle at less than 15% body fat, you will be seeing your abs by the time you finish the cycle. And you will have gained some lean body mass too. Win-Win!

How to use it

There are so many ways in which you can add Anavar to your steroid cycle. But we’ll talk about the one that gets you the driest, leanest gains.

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Dry gains stack 1:

Test-E at 250mg/week, Primo at 400-600mg/week and Anavar at 50mg/day.

We use very low testosterone dose in this cycle just to keep your Test levels up and to prevent the side effects of a shut down. Primo is a very mild anabolic steroid that will give you lean, dry muscle gains and then there’s the Anavar which burns fat and builds lean muscle too. This stack should give you excellent results in 12-16 weeks.

Dry Gains Stack 2:

Test E/Cyp at 500mg/week and Anavar at 50mg/day.

This is a classic stack that works well every single time. The only difference from the previous stack is that there will be a little more water retention in this one due to the high testosterone dose. But Anavar gives you a nice, dry finishing touch.

Solo Vs. Stacks

Anavar solo cycles work best for females. The risk of virilization is relatively lower. It does not make them appear bloated either.

If you are a male bodybuilder or fitness buff, do yourself a favour and pair it with a low dose of Testosterone. Not only will you be able to retain your gains, you will also not feel like shit due to the shutdown.

If you wish to run an Anavar solo cycle just for kicks, do it by all means. You will still gain some lean muscle and burn fat. But it will shut you down or suppress you pretty bad. Have the right ancillary drugs at hand and run a full PCT to help your body heal faster.

Diet during an Anavar cycle

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Most fitness buffs and professional bodybuilders use Anavar during a cut as it helps preserve muscle mass.

So it is ideal if you eat just at maintenance or a tad below it for the best results. It will still do both, build muscle and burn fat even if you eat in a surplus mind you.

The aesthetics will not even be close to what you can achieve with a calorie-deficient diet though.

When not to use Anavar

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The only time when a steroid like Anavar won’t be as effective as it ought to be, is when you have a very high body fat percentage.

If you are at 20% or above, we recommend that you cut down a little before using O. It really shines as a steroid when you are between 12-15% body fat.

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