Masteron (Drostanolone)

Masteron is this underrated gem that can give you a competition-ready physique with zero water retention, rock-hard muscle and extreme vascularity.

Yet, most people overlook it in favor of Winstrol, which is a tad surprising considering that Mast can actually work like an anti-estrogen in your body. Not to mention that your libido will be sky high and you’ll feel amazing.

If you have ever run Proviron for the ‘feel good’ factor, multiply that by 4x and you get Mast.

Also, milligram by milligram, it is as effective as Winstrol, if not better in giving your body that finishing touch it needs before a competition.

But Mast has earned a bad rap off late, primarily due to its ability to cause heavy hair shedding in some athletes.

Others find that it can cause bad muscle cramps. Certainly not the tune of what Winny can, but somewhere close to it.

All these sides are dependent on the individual though.

There are chances that you may not experience them at all. If that’s the case, you won’t be doing another cycle without Masteron.

That we’ll give you.

Here’s a brief guide on cutting with Masteron.

What is Masteron?

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Masteron is a DHT-derived anabolic steroid that gained popularity among competitive bodybuilders as a finishing steroid, just like Winstrol.

A simple modification at the Carbon-2 positon converts DHT to Drostanolone, the base hormone for Masteron.

Then, either a slower-acting, short Propionate ester or a faster-acting, long enanthate ester is added to it to control the release time and the half-life.

Despite being a DHT-based steroid, Masteron has some properties which are unique to it.

It does not promote a lot of lean muscle.

Instead, it shines in a cutting phase during the fag-end of a cycle. That’s where most athletes will add it to their stacks.

What is Masteron best used for?

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Masteron is an excellent muscle-preserving steroid. This means that even if you are cutting aggressively to shed some of the extra pounds that can result from a bulking cycle, it will allow you to keep every gram of your hard earned muscle.

But that’s not the primary reason why athletes add it to their stacks. There are much better options if you are purely looking at a muscle preserving agent.

Instead, it is the anti-estrogenic effect of Masteron that makes it a favorite with professionals.

Masteron not only helps combat some of the estrogenic sides caused by compounds that aromatize, it will flush out the last drop of water that you may be holding in your body.

If you have always yearned for that paper-thin skin look, this is your ticket.

To add to this, it is a powerful androgen, which gives you the muscle hardening effect with roadmap vascularity. Also, it will directly induce lipolysis.

Now club all of it.

Excessive water flushed out, rock hard muscles, vascularity and fat loss. That sums up Masteron for you.

Despite this, Masteron is not as popular as other steroids like Anavar and Trenbolone in the recreational bodybuilding community. That’s because it requires an extremely toned and ripped physique to produce noticeable effects.

If you are at 18% body fat or even 15%, you may not even notice the effects of Masteron until you run 600-700mg/week. That’s a high dose.

But if you are at 11% and six weeks away from the competition or your next beach holiday, Masteron will get you in prime shape.

Almost forgot to mention that it gives you a nice mental boost. It is one of those steroids that constantly make you feel good about your lifts.

What is a good dose?


For first timers, 300-400mg/week is a great starting dose. This should be enough to produce dryness, vascularity, boost strength and make you feel great.

If you have used 400mg/week in the past and didn’t really feel the effects, it may either be due to a bad batch of Mast or due to your body fat being too high.

But, you can consider increasing the dose to 500-600mg/week to see if things improve. Some people find it extremely difficult to eat to their calorific requirements at this high a dose.

Only professional bodybuilders will ever consider using up to 800mg/week of Masteron. That’s a seriously high dose that ‘’WILL’ produce results. But it will also greatly increase the strain on your cholesterol levels.

Not to mention that it will be a shortcut to androgenic side effects like acne and baldness, particularly if you are prone to it.

Is one ester of Masteron more effective than the other?

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Unlike most other anabolic steroids which can produce very different results depending on the ester that’s attached to the base hormone, Masteron produces identical results irrespective of which one you use.

To be honest, Drostanolone Enanthate is very rarely available even in UG labs. Anything that’s sold as Masteron is usually Drostanolone Propionate.

The only difference that an enanthate ester will make is that you won’t need to pin every other day. You can pin twice a week instead.

Otherwise, there’s little to choose between the two.

Running solo vs. in a stack

Masteron is probably one of the worst steroids to run solo.

It is a poor choice for a mass builder. It’s anabolic rating is low. But it will shut you down nevertheless.

The only difference that you may notice is some added dryness and a slight bump in your strength.

Don’t risk a shut down for meagre gains.

Instead, run it with Testosterone and/or Deca.

Both these are watery compounds that will make you gain a fair amount of water and glycogen.

Mast will flush it all out and make you look hard as a rock.

Diet during a cutting cycle

Just like other strong androgens, Masteron will burn fat and harden the muscles irrespective of whether you eat clean or not.

That said, if you are looking to get absolutely peeled, it is recommended that you stick to a calorie deficit.

Avoid using alcohol and keep the munchies to the minimum. 

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